Tips On How To Know If Your Baby Is Happy

Published: 28th October 2010
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Learning your babies moods can be daunting. Even though it is quite simple to tell if they are upset and desire something, it truly is much more difficult to tell when they are happy. Quite a few new parents are concerned because they believe that their baby is always unhappy, they just don't really know what the signs of a happy baby are. Here are some signals that show your baby is happy as well as some happiness milestones.

One thing you'll need to be aware of is the fact that a newborn won't have the capability to exhibit happy facial expressions. So do not expect that first month for baby to smile and react when you are cooing and beaming at baby. Even though you don't get a reaction, keep smiling and cooing, as this is helping your infant to learn. The baby also finds seeing your face and hearing your voice very comforting. We often forget about the amount of a baby is learning each day as well as adapting to their new environment. For months they heard your voice, but now they hear your voice and see you in a much brighter and bigger environment then they are accustomed to. That smile will come soon enough, so keep that smiling and cooing on your end going.

There's nothing as pleasing then when a baby snuggles close to you. Did you know is a sign that baby is happy, it is. That snuggle also means that you are projecting positive energy for the baby. Babies are very capable of sensing your mood. Maybe you have observed a new mom who is not very confident about her parenting skills, and how fussy her baby is, that is because the baby is picking up on her discomfort. So an important factor is making sure your baby is happy is for you to de-stress and let go of some of the stress.

One of the best milestones that your baby will achieve is that of smiling. This happens between the 1 and 3 month timeframe. There's nothing like smiling at your baby and getting that sweet face to smile back at you, it is sure to melt your heart. Babies also start reacting to what you do at this time, so forget about being all prim and proper and act your silliest.

That infectious baby laugh starts around the three to six month mark. This is the time they find there funny bone and you never know just what will make them laugh. It could be a funny face that you make or possibly a tickle to the foot. That laughing baby is music to your ears, so enjoy understanding your child even better and find out what makes him laugh.

Babies begin finding their voices around the four to seven month time-frame. You will not hear words, but a good amount of noises and chatter. They are really trying to communicate with you, so much so that you may notice that their babbling from time to time will become higher pitched. This is their means of telling you they like something, or something is exciting them. They learn to talk by listening to you, so keep chatting away to baby, and wait for him to respond; someday soon actual words will take over the chattering.

Around 12 months babies starti to develop their sense of humor. They know they can make you smile and they'll try different things to make you laugh. When they get a response, they'll try it again to see if they get another reaction. So you now know some milestones of happy baby

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